Boris And The Snoozebox

Note to self: when I eventually pen that children's book I am always talking about, do not use the word "snoozebox" at any point, especially in the title.                    

*You have to give Leigh Hodgkinson her due for showing kids that even an orphan completely alone in the world is worthy of love and can find it in the right situation  
*The characters names, except for Boris, are like kryptonite to dads everywhere -- maybe moms will get a hoot out of Lady Snootlethorpe and Mister Gobbledeegook   
*In general the stylings and placement of the words annoys me, but there are certain occasions where it works (like the phrase "less dull" peeking through the box handle) 

*In order to get to the positive message at the end, we have to watch people knowingly send a live cat in a standard shipping box to all corners of the universe -- how messed up is that 
*As I mentioned earlier, the text in here is trying to be creative, but it is more of an eyesore than anything
*Just because a cat wears a scuba mask doesn't mean he can hold his breath underwater

Honestly, I have no idea why I selected this book off of the shelf. The artwork on the cover does not look like something I would really enjoy and the name of the book is, in the words of Charles Barkley, turrible. But, I am drawn to all things random, so that's probably what prompted the looksie.  [Heaven knows I do this all the time with the terrible movies Netflix allows you to stream for free.] Next time I'll know better. Who am I I won't!                      

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