Firebears - The Rescue Team

Sound the alarm -- we've finally got another book worth buying!  

*Absolutely the perfect length for a kiddie book 
*Super innovative rhyming that even finds a way to work in words like billowing and townsfolk
*I really like the way the bears are drawn (by Dan Andreasen); they aren't exactly teddy bear-esque but still have a cuddly quality about them

*Not sure why Rhonda Gowler Greene chose to include the phrase "the rescue team" but I can tell you it's really weird to say (although I guess it makes everything a bit more memorable)
*Getting a cat-up-the-tree call shouldn't be classified as a false alarm since that is part of the job
*Poplar Street doesn't look to have an intersecting road at the spot of the fire, but the subsequent page magically creates one

I always like to tread lightly when it comes to books that involve topics my son is predisposed to liking.  But I can't help but get fired up about this one.  It is a clear winner in any household.  Slide down that pole to your nearest Barnes and Noble and grab a copy today.

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