Fire Truck

There's nothing like using obvious toddler cues to help crystallize your opinion of a kiddie book.                     

*Having the boy become a fire truck is, without question, the most memorable part and what sets it apart from other emergency vehicle stories  
*Including a counting section smack dab in the middle of the action provides a nice break and makes the reading last longer than your average board book   
*While the illustration on the fold-out page could have been drawn by me, the idea of the fold-out page is a good one 

*It stops very abruptly (which I guess has to happen when you are keeping a book brief); yet I still couldn't help but shrug my shoulders 
*For such a talented artist to water it down seems odd to me, even when trying to reach a very young audience 
*Might possibly make it harder to get your children to sleep if they believe their beds might one day meld to their bodies during sleep 

Looks like we have a definite middle-of-the-road book on our hands here.  It's not a bad story and should get extra credit for sparking a creative enough idea.  So, at first, I felt it was a Borrow.  After the second reading, my mind soon changed, primarily because you'd think my son who loves fire trucks would be saying the word "again" after finishing a book that's named freaking Fire Truck!  Instead, each time we read it he points to different books for me to open.  If he was truly keen on this title, he'd have me recite it two or three times before moving it's a Donate.                      

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