Spot's First Colors

If you haven't figured it out yet, Spot is a pretty popular pup in our home.                    

*All your favorite characters are jammed in here, looking happy as ever  
*I like how it shows an item and then shows how said item interacts with the world at large (the picture of the monkey pointing at the frog on the flowerpot is my fave)   
*The fabric chosen for the flower was not what I was expecting, but actually does a great job relaying an accurate feel 

*It's not uncommon for me to ding an author for text/page shortness, and Eric Hill shouldn't get a free pass just because he's famous 
*Even though they are less glamorous, black and white could have used a shout-out
*If you are gonna include a picture of an apple both on the cover and inside the book, pick a material that looks and feels more like the skin and less like a shiny kickball 

As my son grows older, my bias against stories that are too short probably grows at the same rate.  Knowing this, I try and keep an open mind when reviewing books that are intended for children younger than two.  Even still, this book is so very, very brief.  Remove the characters we know and love, and it's actually quite spartan.  Sorry Spot...  Donate is the best I can give you on this attempt.                      

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