What Do You Say?

I think this might be the first review I've done all year of a book that I actually own.  You can thank the torrential downpour outside for my desire to look at a book laying right next to my bed... 

*Follows the same pattern throughout but then ends with a cute twist 
*My son and I have been reading this for the last two years and it's still in the rotation
*The question and answer format is a great way to create an interactive learning environment

*Even though it is a book you can read time and again, I do find myself "mailing it in" a bit when I read the questions out loud   
*I wish the inside covers had something more than a simple cow print -- it seems like wasted space to me (despite the aesthetic positives) and annoys me that I have turned to a page I can't do anything with 
*There's a completely blank orange page that echoes my previous sentiment

As far as board books go, this is a very good one.  Mandy Stanley's addition to my home is a valued asset that would probably be in the first ten books I would remember if you asked me to name what we have in our collection.  Still, I have trouble giving it my full Buy rating because I have to believe there are at least a few other animal sound stories out there that do it slightly better.  Instead, borrow it for a few years during your search for the next book you absolutely must buy. 

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