It's Spring!

Could I have picked a more wrong time of year to review this one? 

*Although it sounds weak when I'm typing it, I think this book's greatest strength lies in its pleasant tone 
*Does a good job of pointing out all the different ways your child can know the calendar has flipped from winter to spring
*I liked how the radishes seemed to be growing faster than the rest of the crops -- my little knowledge of botany happens to include the fact that the hearty pink veggie has a miraculously fast turnaround time

*My biggest issue is that it's exactly what you would expect from a children's story -- there's nothing unique at all   
*I would have held back on using the title line until the last page, rather than slipping it in on both the first and last 
*Too many of the animals in the first half of the book are too similar in size

Have you ever seen the Jack Link's beef jerky commercials where the humans play pranks on Sasquatch?  Whoever thought that campaign up does not do things in the usual way, but also has terrible taste.  Pretty much the opposite of It's Spring!  The book is super vanilla, but totally tolerable.  Keep it around for a decent read any time you get bored with your Buys. 

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