Teeth Are Not For Biting

Obviously teeth are the place you put your diamond-crusted grill.                    

*Mentions a litany of ways you can approach your child's (potential) biting problem  
*Repeats the concept of just how much biting hurts, hopefully solidifying the message in your son or daughter's head   
*Only Richard Simmons promotes hugging more than author Elizabeth Verdick 

*OMG - there's a tip in the back that actually says "never bite your child back" -- in fairness, certain circumstances might warrant such tactics, especially if your last name is Dahmer 
*While I'm betting the man in the park on the bench is the boy's dad, I think we should be more specific than telling children to ask "a grown-up" for help
*Telling kids they will eventually have 20 teeth is misleading since they will accumulate 32 teeth by their teenage years (yes, I understand that toddlers only have 20, but another sentence could have cleared this all up)

Here's a case of a book designed for the general market but a niche purpose.  A lot of times these books miss the mark with me (including those I don't review) because I have no real frame of reference.  But, my son has occasionally bitten us and I'm sure as he gets deeper into his terrible twos this might increase when he's frustrated.  So, from a usefulness perspective, I think it deserves a place in the library.  Nonetheless, I just didn't like it that much and would have a tough time seeing the point in ever reading it more than once.  Donate.                      

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ElenaMeredith said...

Thanks for your review! Since your son is perfection personified, you may be one of the fortunate parents who don't need this book. But should those choppers start chomping, I would highly recommend reading it more than once. Repetition is key at that age! ;)

Elena Meredith
Free Spirit Publishing

mysteryguy said...


Any chance you can add a link to my other review on your site?


jazmin q said...

I think this book is a BUY...