While You Are Sleeping

What's more fun than a book about time zones, huh?!  Yeah...                    

*Does a comprehensive job demonstrating how much is going on in the world at any moment in time  
*The way the author distributes the color spectrum is very pleasing to the eye, particularly on the back inside cover   
*I think we have every continent and demographic covered except for Australia and its Pacific island neighbors 

*I wouldn't say my son is bored to tears by it, but I think that's because his tear ducts gave up caring by the third page 
*The flap-lifting is completely extraneous (even kind of annoying) and presents one of those rare cases where a book without added bells and whistles would have been better
*I liked how the book started and ended with the same family, but to have the child go from reading to zonked out in less than a minute might be pushing it -- I would have bumped the clock from 10:00 to 10:01 

By now you know I am a geography buff.  Ever since I was a young lad, I can remember being mesmerized by maps.  As an adult, not much has changed.  I would even bet that I have looked at the time zone map at the back of the in-flight magazine on about half the airplanes I have traveled on in the last decade.  All that said, this is a pretty boring concept for a book -- made even worse by the execution of Durga Bernhard.  It's too bad, because the pros are stronger than those found in most of my other Donates.  Unfortunately, there's just no way I can rate it higher than that.                      

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