Can't Sleep Without Sheep

Insomnia has never been so intoxicating...  

*A simple concept, executed to perfection with equal doses of cuteness and content 
*Mike Wohnoutka's drawings will definitely not put you to sleep
*The sheep are wearing nightcaps -- lord knows I love a good nightcap reference

*Where are all of these replacement fences coming from -- I realize pretty much anything goes dream land, but c'mon 
*Somehow the hippos cut ahead of the bears in line -- you'd have to be paying intense attention to notice it, but on the off chance your child does, it's a bad habit to teach
*Since she chooses to sleep with a stuffed puppy, I'm surprised Ava didn't suggest that a few canines jump the fence

You can thank Susanna Leonard Hill for giving you the ideal bedtime book.  Why?  I'm betting the sheep will keep hopping that fence long after you shut off the lights and leave the room.  There's very little to dislike about it (although you know I can always find at least three little things).  Like a natural dose of Lunesta, CSWS gets my nod to get your kids to nod off.

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