Go, Go, Trucks!

What the truck kind of effort went into this?                     

*A decent variety of larger vehicles are presented for your consumption  
*Simon Hart doesn't skimp on the color palette either   
*Large board books are a relative rarity, so GGT was a nice change of pace in that regard 

*Why does a 2004 book choose to illustrate so many of the trucks in an Eisenhower Era kind of way -- makes it less useful for kids looking to match things up out on the open road
*The gas truck is totally out of proportion -- they either should have dropped it or shouldn't have tried to squeeze it all on one page 
*I would have like a better angle that demonstrates why an 18-wheeler only shows five tires per side 

Just keep driving right past this one if you happen to cruise by it in the children's aisle. It's not a total blowout, but it could definitely use a tuneup or two.  No cash for this clunker; you're looking at a Donate.                      

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