Tell The Truth, B.B. Wolf

Judging from the cover, it looks like we are dealing with a courtroom drama today. 

*How can you not fall in love with J. Otto Seibold's artful depictions of famous literary characters as varied as the Little Engine That Could and Rumpelstiltskin 
*It's just plain cool to think of epilogues to the fairy tales we grew up with -- especially when they do a great job of rehashing the old while focusing on the new
*Good doses of humor are sprinkled throughout (my favorite being the "Total Fiction" section of the library) 

*Even with all the songs it contains, it is not the easiest book to read aloud -- give it to an older child to tackle silently 
*The three little pigs can be downright unlikable when it comes down to it 
*Let's be honest, that title blows harder than the Big Bad Wolf on a cul-de-sac of straw houses

While I was literally wrong (courtroom) when guessing the premise of the book, it turns out I was figuratively pretty close to being on the money (wolf being judged and making amends for his actions).  Give credit to Judy Sierra for crafting a storyline that was pretty darn cool.  Pair this positive with the really awesome pictures inside and you'd have to think I'd be giving it a Buy.  While I wish this was the case, I have to knock it down a bit for not being totally conducive to family reading time.  And, while I appreciated the beginning and ending to the book, the middle was a smidge annoying for me to handle. Think of it this way:  it's the kind of Buy that you would let others Borrow, partially because you like it and partially because you wouldn't want to read it all that frequently. So why not save the money and just Borrow it whenever you feel like wolfing down a portion of TTTBBW?    

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