The End

Not my favorite Doors song -- I'm hoping this will be better. 

*Having your child think backwards is great mental exercise -- of course, if he or she (or you) is feeling lazy, than just start from the back  
*Former Caldecott winner Richard Egielski is rivaled only by the movie Shrek in his attention to fairy tale detail
*I've never really thought about it before, but you don't see many love stories for youthful consumption

*No matter what direction you read a lame story in, it's still a lame story 
*I find it oddly misogynistic that the woman who I presume was the giant's wife was referred to as the cook 
*Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I really think the proportions are not consistent throughout (are bunnies really the same size as half a man)

It's important to remember that liking a concept and liking the final result are two totally separate things.  When I saw this title at the library, my first inclination was "this is gonna be a good one."  Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way in The End.  [Love those double entendres!]  David LaRochelle just couldn't give me the fairy tale ending (beginning?) I was in search of today.  Donate.

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Anonymous said...

Boo. I disagree completely and thought this was great. Also, maybe you're the mosoginist for thinking that the cook is the giant's wife. I think she's just the cook.

Kelly Robinson said...

Controversy! I might have to check it out to see who is right, though you have at least supported your opinion quite well in the post.

mysteryguy said...

Kelly - you're the tiebreaker! Although, I tend to think I am right since I know how to spell misogynist :)