A Star So Bright

Talk about your Christmas miracles! 

*There is a blinking light effect in here that not only gives pizzazz to the ending but also blew my mind from a technological standpoint (how does it know to activate when the page turns but stays off when I cover it with any other piece of paper)  
*The celestial body in the sky might be the focus of the book, but the animals drawn by Caroline Pedler are what makes it shine
*Even at $15 new, the combination of spine sturdiness, vibrant colors, and that sneaky star add up to the feeling that ASSB is a minor bargain 

*The front cover promises twinkling lights, which is not a lie, but only applies to the last page -- someone holding a copy would realize this in two seconds, but others buying online might expect more than they are actually getting 
*The Goose page is the only one that has multiple animals but chooses to only reference one individual -- this could delay your kid's understanding of the singular vs plural when it comes to geese 
*Does anyone else have a problem with a book about the Lord's son being published in Intercourse, PA

OK, for starters, let me say this: M. Christina Butler's story m
ight be a little heavy for parents who aren't looking to go down the religious path.  Still, it's not super hard to spin the ending to be something devoid of Christianity, if you were so inclined.  [I'm not choosing either side of this argument, just stating facts.]  With all that said, let me be clear in stating that none of that really affected the rating itself.  A Star So Bright is way better than average but I just can't see myself ever buying it.  Eventually that star battery is gonna run out, right?  Assuming the answer is yes, then I'd be left with something less cool than what I intended to Buy -- so it has to be a Borrow.      

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Kelly Robinson said...

Love that you offer the idea to spin the ending. Smart!