Underwear Do's and Dont's

Nothing like a fresh new pair of skivvies to start the week. 

*As anyone with children around the age of three will attest, you can never have too many potty or underwear books around when trying to make kids feel comfortable with the transition away from Huggies and Luvs  
*I always like how the author finds a way to put characters of all shapes and sizes and colors into his stories
*Juxtaposing apple-print underwear in front of the teacher's desk was cute

*I just wasn't impressed with a lot of the humor in this book 
*The zebra ending left a lot to be desired -- couldn't he have wrapped it all up in a more macro way 
*While swimming your underwear is not a cardinal sin, I certainly wouldn't classify it as a 'Do' (especially in a pool)

Todd Parr is very talented (and probably one of the top five biggest names in the industry right now), but this effort belongs closer to the Diaper Genie than the dresser drawer.  I think it's pretty clear why:  Parr applied the same formula that has worked for him in the past to a topic that wasn't quite suited for it.  It's not really my M.O. to use an author's other works against her or him in these ratings, but in this case I think the evidence is too important to disregard.  No matter how hard you try to wash it away, that stain's not coming out.

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