A Second Is A Hiccup

So what's a burp?  Two?  Three?    

*I can't tell you how difficult it is to explain the concept of time to my son (he thinks the idea of 'yesterday' is basically anytime before today) -- needless to say, I love the subject matter 
*Crammed full of material but still finds a way to be almost the perfect length
*Hazel Hutchins' text is very sweet and loving to boot

*Kady MacDonald Denton is a perfectly good illustrator, but I would have chosen about ten other styles over the faded watercolors found inside (I guess my general rule is avoid faded watercolors whenever possible) 
*If I had to pick the weakest segment, I would argue that the examples used to depict a month resonated a little less powerfully than the rest
*That red 'c' on the cover bothers me for some reason

I was starting to worry that I was stuck in some sort of ratings purgatory, what with all of the Borrows and Donates I have checked out of late.  But then, like a godsend, this story appeared before my eyes.  It's maybe a page too long for my taste, but other than that it's really a great time.  Don't waste another moment -- you've gotta Buy ASIAH

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Deborah Hartman said...

My kids loved "Telling Time with Mama Cat" and this may be another book that adds to the concept of time by bringing in weeks and months. Thanks for the review.

I am also an author who would like to send you a hard copy of "Kaela and the Missing Canine" for review. The story is a kid friendly mystery with counting, finding and guessing throughout. As a multiple read picture book there are many layers that families can explore together.

My name is Deborah Hartman and my email is: