Night At The Fair

This is one cupie prize you don't want to take home.                    

*It's a shame that the whole thing comes off so badly, because I thought the idea had the potential for greatness    
*Donald Crews, the artist, has talent and obviously spent considerable effort ensuring that his sweeping distance shots incorporated a lot of detail
*Kind of cool that the author converted his book jacket photo into an image he could drop in the story

*The text in here is brutal -- for all the time Crews spent on the illustrations, he spent absolutely none on the writing 
*While I understand the point of avoiding too much facial detail in crowd-heavy pictures, I couldn't help but think of the movie Zombieland (where the final scene takes place inside a theme park) when looking at the fairgoers
*Because Crews chose to use pale orange lettering (with borders that lacked crispness) on top of blurry yellow lighting, I had to triple check if the Whirler ride was truly called just that

Have you ever driven by a fair staged in a third-rate shopping center parking lot?  You know, the kind of event that has a rickety Ferris wheel surrounded by a bunch of crap. That's Night at the Fair in a (pink circus pea)nutshell.  It doesn't matter if you have a heart condition, or you're pregnant, or you like to drink water... avoid this ride at all costs!                    

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