Santa Claws

Before you read any further, please recognize that the book I'm reviewing today is not standard shelf fare...    

*I was pleasantly surprised to see that, despite living in a gross and scary world, the youthful ghouls were rewarded for being good (I would have given you two to one odds that the opposite would be true) 
*Even in the most disgusting of circumstances, the author still tries to hammer home the importance of a proper bedtime hygiene ritual
*The fake ads on the inside and back covers are quite funny and also help to set the mood for the story

*I've said it before and I'll say it again -- the darker side of illustration is really not my cup of tea; although I have no problem admitting superior artistic talent when I see it 
*Mack seems taller than his brother on every page but the one where they are in their bunk beds
*Why does every character seemingly have to have baleen whale teeth

If you wanted to assemble an
 all-star duo of macabre children's lit greats, this pair would be almost impossible to vanquish.  Gris Grimly has a cult following that stretches all the way to Hollywood, while Laura Leuck has cast her spell on about a dozen books in this genre over the years.  As expected, these two added all the right ingredients when mixing their potion for a perfect spooky holiday story.  I'm fairly confident that Santa Claws will provide enough magic to keep Frankenstein and his bride (aka: the adults under your roof) entertained.  The question you have to ask yourself is whether you really want your child to consume this elixir.  I don't think my son's ready for it at 2.5 years old, but that's not to say another kid his age wouldn't be.  Likewise, there might be many parents who would avoid exposing it to their little monsters altogether.  Only you can make the final decision; but if you're feeling a little bit spooky, than you should Buy it.

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