Let's Nosh!

Break out the Manischewitz, cuz today we're reviewing a book about Jewish food and culture! 

*If you loved Mangia Mangia as much as I did, then I can virtually guarantee you won't kvetsh over this companion piece  
*As someone who is not afraid to liberally use the word "schmancy" in everyday conversation, I was stoked to see it in here
*What a creative way to sneak an author's dedications into a small package

*Because a lot of the foods included are not as visually appealing as their Italian counterparts, the collages are less exciting to the eye (granted making a real or imagined knish/latke pop off the page is yeoman's work) 
*I capitalize on any chance I can get to eat challah, which makes me a sort of expert on the subject :) -- however, I would probably pass on these loaves if you put them in the vicinity of my mouth 
*It's likely just the copy I have, but for whatever reason the first few pages curve into each other, forcing me to flip backwards to start the story

Let me spare you the long spiel on why this didn't get a Buy rating.  It's just as good as Amy Wilson Sanger's other books in the series and, thus, probably deserves it.  The only shmutz for me comes from my own shortcomings...namely my inability to execute a good Brooklyn accent.  In other words, when I am reading it out loud to my son, I can't execute the delivery with the same panache I exhibit when butchering the Italian language.  Oy vey.  I know, I'm a shmendrik!

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