Polar Bolero

We can dance if we want to. 

*Debi Gliori might not have produced the greatest book ever, but she should be applauded for her concept and the big, bold colors she delivers  
*I really liked the page that compared rolling fields to quilts
*There's something cool about all of the animals of the world sharing in the same magical process

*Sure, we can rather easily discern the destination of the trip that we are on, but the journey takes some weird twists and turns in getting there (especially the whole getting from the bedroom to the front door part) 
*Is there any reason why Africa was left off the globe 
*The eyes don't have it: I didn't like the bees' eyes and I didn't like the owls eyes and I definitely didn't like how both species had the same eyes

Like I said above, this is a cool concept.  I'd even go as far as to say it's fairly inspired.  But the execution just really threw me off.  The author might argue that I'm not opening my mind up to the fantasy of it all; and maybe that's true.  I do prefer the road more traveled.  Still, there's a point where the unbeaten path becomes so full of obstacles that you get lost in the weeds.  That's what we have going on here.  I suppose if you are short on bedtime stories you could consider Borrowing this, but I will definitely be Donating back to my local library today

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