Kitten's First Full Moon

Another waning crescent of an effort by Kevin Henkes

*I really approve of the text -- for the font used (which is extremely easy to see), not so much the words themselves (the whole plot was so-so)  
*Has a surprising amount of vibrancy for something that insists on using only black, white, and various shades of gray
*If you are looking for a longer book to thumb through with your very young baby, this could work due to the color scheme mentioned above

*There is no lesson and kind of no point (outside of the whole "a full moon might look like a bowl of milk to a cat" thing) 
*Why would a kitten who hates swimming jump carefree into a big container of milk 
*My cats enjoy the 'reward' when it comes to eating flying insects -- I'm not sure if they are in the minority, but it's not as uncommon as Henkes might have your child believe

I don't know what possessed me to ask my librarian to choose a story for me last week (normally, I just do a walk-through and grab what looks interesting), but, 
based on some basic demographic information I offered about my son, this was her recommendation.  With four books already in tow and being in a bit of a hurry, I didn't question her pick.  Only after I got home did I realize the card fate had dealt me.  You see, I don't like bashing authors on here more than once if I can help it, unless they are household names (at which point I feel like I'm doing more of a service by weeding out the bad titles in their esteemed collections).  So my apologies to Mr. Henkes.  I'm sure we can get together one bright moonlit night and laugh about this over some cold glasses of milk.  Until then, I implore you to find every last fault with my blog and air them publicly in retaliation for me giving you a second-straight Donate.    

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Ali B said...

I love, love, love Kevin Henkes. I named my dog Julius because of his books, so I bristle at a so-so review of his work. I bristle, but I also agree. Reluctantly, of course. I like his little mouse books better than his kitty stuff. There, I've said it.

mysteryguy said...

Ali: Does the B stand for "Best?" Because you are!

Katie DeKoster said...

I really approve of the text - for the font used... not the words themselves. Hahahahahahaha. One of my favorite lines I've read in a review lately :)