Alphabet Living

After reading what amounts to roughly one thousand words in this book, I find it interesting that the two most memorable for me are "Hobo Dan."  As in the pseudonym of one of the co-authors (real name: Daniel MacIntyre).  So I went to their website to learn how it came to be.  I'll let you be the judge. 

*Aspires to be the most inspirational book on your shelf, and perhaps succeeds -- now if only it was digestible in one sitting   
*You'd be hard-pressed to find another story with even half of the vocab housed in this one
*Searching for the puppy in each illustration gave me something else to do if I wanted zone out from the heavy text for a sec

*Parent or child, I just don't see how anyone could sit down and read through the whole thing at once 
*Abby and Zeke as character names for an alphabet story are totally fine; Ay2zee as the name of the puppy, however, Blows2TheMax 
*Almost seems like a throwaway line to have the last piece of text be "thank you for reading me"


It's just so daunting!  What age is it ideally suited for?  Is it a gateway to cult life?  Is it so overwhelmingly positive in message that it'll turn my son or daughter into a freakishly happy child who will snap at age seventeen when a gnat smashes against the windshield of the car he or she is driving?  Alright, let me dial it back down.  Seriously, since it is next to impossible to sit down and finish, are folks expected to read one or two pages a night?  Would most people go out of their way to do this or would they rather just pick up a book they can go cover to cover on?  I tend to think the latter is more probable.  As much as it pains me to leave a negative imprint on something meant to be so overwhelmingly positive, I have no choice. 

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