Are We Lost?

Upon reading this, I have to admit that I opened up a new browser window so I could price out one of these. 

*Almost anyone can see the value in a book that addresses children walking away from your watchful eye   
*I really liked the Q&A session after the story ends -- things like this can often come off preachy or lame, but this one was worthwhile
*At first I thought the decision to give Snowball (the teddy bear) a voice was a bad idea, but it ended up moving the story along quite nicely

*After everything that happened, it's pretty far-fetched to think that Sheila would let Raymond immediately go off alone again to get more food 
*Self-publishing can be extremely expensive, so I get the desire to condense multiple scenes onto each page; nonetheless, it would have been a better visual experience if Annie Fox and Eli Noyes had decided not to go this route 
*Would have liked a quick joke and/or justification about why an alligator would prefer ice cream to the family of pigs walking right by him

Are We Lost? might be missing certain elements, but it's not that far off the mark.  Sure, it doesn't follow the typical map used by most kidlit authors, but sometimes parents prefer a more scenic journey.  If a lifetime of road trips have taught me one thing, it's that the people along for the ride are what matters most.  And these characters are interesting enough to share at least a few adventures with...

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