Laura Vaccaro Seeger really puts the eternal debate between illustration and writing to the test. 

*Obviously, she has some talent with a paint brush (notice the emphasis on the word some)   
*Kids like books about colors and green is definitely a color
*The idea behind the red stop sign is solid, although putting some green on the page isn't the way I would have gone

*A lot of the cut-through transitions (holes in the pages) don't seem to mesh well with the linking illustration (especially that lime green shadow on the plate of peas) 
*The predominant color on the first page is brown despite the fact it's supposed to be about forest green 
*I mean you can't even read the word "jungle" until you get to the next page, where you see what Seeger was trying to do in that section

Meh.  Don't spend your hard-earned greenbacks on this one.  In all honesty, the concept could be just as easily replicated by any green illustrator, so there's no need to drop $17 on this version just because Seeger has been nominated for some awards that generally make me turn green when I think about their merits.  If anything, put that money toward tools and supplies that will turn your child's thumb greener.  Wouldn't you rather they experience nature in real time than have them look at some pictures of it that lack even the remotest extra layer of creativity?

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