Living With Mom And Living With Dad

Divorce is the source of course, of course. 

*Considering the number of kids in the English-speaking world who are products of divorced parents, it's good to see a decent book on the subject  
*The two scenes (seperated by a flap of some sort) per page model was a great way to deliver the message
*While it's sad that mom and dad can't even sit next to each other for her school play, I thought this illustration really drove the point home the best

*I can't tell if it addresses new members of the family like step-siblings or long-term partners of mom or dad (there's a chance some of the people framed on the last page aren't really uncles, but rather late-night booty calls) -- regardless, I think at least one character of this ilk would have made it more complete and useful 
*Melanie Walsh's artwork is very pedestrian, so if you're looking for something vivid, this won't do 
*It appears that mom allowed her daughter to put a stuffed animal on the birthday cake -- gross

Any attempt to put a positive spin on this far-too-common world-altering event should be commended.  Thus, I give credit to Ms. Walsh for sitting down and banging this out.  That said, it's not spectacular or particularly insightful.  If anything LWMALWD is more like a present from a parent who only sees his/her kid a few days each month: it comes from a good place and has heavy thought behind it, but most children will soon grow bored with it.  [Since I am still married and cannot properly question my son on the topic, I am putting myself in my younger brother's shoes circa the end of Reagan's second term and extrapolating.]

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