Global Babies

Did you know that there are babies in every country on the planet?  That was news to me... :) 

*The words may be sparse (19 in total, not counting country identifiers), but the message is strong -- particularly impressive to me since I could see a lot of board books relying solely on the pictures  
*Kind of makes you feel good that each copy that is sold benefits a reputable charity like the Global Fund For Children
*That baby from Bhutan was the perfect choice to close the action

*At the end of the day, you could go anywhere moms & dads congregate if you want to show your kiddo a bunch of infant faces 
*I'm always wary of a phrase like "part of the proceeds" -- couldn't Charlesbridge Publishing give us the percentage after costs to make me feel secure that it's not a number like 5% 
*I'm assuming the reason why there are two babies from the USA is that one of them lives on a native reservation -- they should have used Canada or, better yet, Australia (to cover all the habitable continents) for one of them; thereby still maintaining the diverse note they were going for

I suppose it is fitting that my shortest-ever final opinion would go to a story exclusively about the shortest humans. Borrowable because it's adorable, not Buyable because its longevity is not viable

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Jeane said...

I think we have two board books from the same production line. One is American Babies and even so they manage to fit every complexion and origins in there- from fair redheaded babies to african-american, native american, and all kinds of others. The other one is baby's teeth- each baby face shows progressively more teeth to count- but the pictures and variety shown are so similar I bet it's the same publisher. Regardless of the simplicity, my kid just loves them because she likes babies' faces, is all.

mysteryguy said...

I'll have to check those out! Thanks Jeane!!