The Fire Station

If you need me, I'll be driving to the closest national park where a swailing is scheduled (so that I can throw this in)!                     

*It's fun how colorful Sheila and Michael get at the scene of the fire; that is until you think about the fact that they have probably been exposed to some pretty serious carcinogens 
*Has a great set-up for Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko's next adventure book -- assuming this blog post is powerless in stopping them from single-handedly poisioning the minds of tykes around the world
*Is trying to get some point across about how to be fearless, since author Munsch feels the need to have both kids reference it independently of one another     

*Basically encourages young ones to hide inside emergency vehicles and wait until the next call comes in -- by the way, where the hell are these kids' caretakers  
*Oh, right, their parents are at home oblivious to the fact that their children are out -- and, and, and -- can't recognize their own kids when they are coated in smoke dust
*Since I am all about equal blame, what kind of fireman allows two elementary schoolers to walk around the department unsupervised

Time to toss another log in the fire pit.  This book is garbage.  Pure garbage.  You know what, it's a full-on dumpster blaze.  Does anyone at Annick Press think about the repercussions of placing such a poorly written work in front of young minds?  I'm all for having experiences and being carefree, but not in the way this pair have arranged.  Unless your version of "getting out there and doing things" involves snorting bath salts and then eating your homeless friend by the light of a torched oil barrel that happens to be under a particularly rundown train bridge, please avoid this story.

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