10 Fat Turkeys

Is there a meatless option?                     

*Rich Deas' illustrations are really good, not to mention shiny and colorful 
*If you flip through the pages without reading a single word, it's actually quite nice
*The book will bore you, but the image of the boar will not     

*I had my son rank the latest eight books we checked out from the library and this came in dead last  
*Why Tony Johnston thought starting every number page with the phrase "Looky!" was a good idea is beyond me
*I couldn't pay you to say "gobble gobble wibble wobble" ten times, so now imagine doing it for free

Here we have a clear case of bad writing killing great artwork.  Put another way, Johnston grabbed Deas by the head, held him down on the ground, and brought the axe right down on his neck.  And since we can't really cook up the remains, we'll just have to discard this sorry carcass in the nearest receptacle.                    

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Taylor Harruff said...

Book Review for consideration: 'Walter & Mike' by Kathleen Morrissey. Kids and alligators both love to play in the water, but the 2 don't normally mix. Find out what happens when two little alligators want to join the kids playing in a fun pool at a resort in Florida. You can learn more here: http://www.amazon.com/Walter-Mike-Their-Park-ebook/dp/B00AYD1QEM

I have hard copies available to sent (happy to send multiple per your request) If interested please email here: tharruff@authorhouse.com Thank you for your consideration!

mysteryguy said...

Would love to review it, but got a bounceback at that email address. Is it correct? If not, let me know where you'd like me to send the info...