The Ugly Duckling

Ahhh, the miracle of plastic surgery... 

*I've always thought that this story carries one of the most important lessons a child can learn in life   
*Gives credit to the story's originator (Hans Christian Anderson) in a number of places within the book -- something a lot of piggybackers seem to ignore when retelling folk classics
*I don't remember the part where the human family takes the 'duckling' in and nurses it back to health, but it added an extra layer of compassion that is tough to argue with

*I imagine Rachel Isadora was going for an African illustrative vibe (if so, mission accomplished), but it didn't really appeal to me 
*She also didn't do enough visually to make our star stand out as the most beautiful bird on the bay 
*When are balls on a dog not hilarious -- oh yeah, when they are unnecessarily attached to a character in a children's book


Before we get down to business, can we all admit that the movie Black Swan was highly overrated?  I just needed to get that off my chest.  Okay, so even after reading this story to my son (and not loving it), I was thinking I had to give it a Borrow because I truly believe that every child should be exposed to its message at some point.  But I can't.  There's nothing remarkable about this run-of-the-mill bird book; if anything, it's probably closer to ugly than the author intended.  Find another swan song to sing. 

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