I'd rather not, thank you very much! 

*Exposes children to the idea of pollution and how to stop it   
*Has some good ideas for kids to recycle in their everyday lives and backs it up by demonstrating that Carin Berger used recycled items when creating the art for the book
*Made me learn more about the band of the same name (all I knew about them beforehand was that they did that treadmill video); thereby increasing my musical acumen by .00012%

*A total WASTE OF PAPER to make the book that big when the majority of the pages had one or two words on them (although sometimes repeated dozens of times per illustration) 
*The four-wide foldout at the conclusion of the story became totally unruly (even in my adult-sized hands), mainly because the dimensions of the paper WERE TOO BIG 
*I can't believe it's only the third thing I thought of... but the illustration is pretty lame


Going green isn't easy for most folks, and apparently writing a picture book about it isn't either.  If I knew how to easily insert the wingding symbol associated with recycling, I'd give the book that rating.  [Under the assumption that it would fall right between Donate and Destroy.]  But, since I don't want to repurpose any more of my time to this endeavor, I'll just give it a Donate.  Maybe one day the materials from the copy I'm holding will be used to make something families will actually enjoy. And the world be a better place for it! 

Buy / Borrow / DONATE / Destroy

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