Levi Strauss Gets A Bright Idea

A bold foray into the underserved segment that marketers refer to as: "children who love great moments in apparel history." 

*You will never find another book quite like this one   
*Even though author Tony Johnston took tremendous liberties to stitch this pants story together (which she freely admits), I wasn't as bothered as I would have thought by the fact that she essentially made my son dumber by doing it
*Stacy Innerst's denim-textured illustrations are a perfect fit for this ode to Strauss

*I think even a drunk 49er whose brain had been baked in the sun could tell by the title that this is a one-time-only read 
*I'm all for the introduction of new words to kids, but LSGABI is like a frickin gold mine (sluicing, worsted, serge, rivulets, etc) for tots who don't have the proper tools to mine them 
*Gotta say it: pairing up a gal named Tony and a guy named Stacy led to some serious gender-identity overload for me


Did I strike it rich when I sifted this nugget from my pan during my last visit to the library?  Not really.  This here be fool's gold.  It certainly glimmers in its own way and has the outward appearance of being more than just another rock in the riverbed.  But, upon closer examination, it has very little value.  Throw it back in the water. 

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