Me Want Pet!

Captain Caveboy to the rescue! 

*Tammi Sauer's writing and Bob Shea's illustrations might just be the greatest combined discovery since the fire-wheel (if that never existed, well, then it should have)  
*A lot of authors would have gone too heavy on the Neanderthal angle, rendering any chance at a worthwhile story extinct -- but not Sauer
*I particularly enjoyed the different reasons given for why the prospective pets originally could not live in their 'home'

*I get why all of the "ooga" type sounds were included, but didn't love them (although kids will) 
*I'm assuming he's a baby mammoth, but I still would have liked some sort of tusk on him so that he didn't look so much like a Fry Guy (or, if you prefer, a Pac Man ghost with legs) 
*Whatever was stampeding is still as mysterious to me as Stonehenge

The boy and I went to see The Croods last week and we loved it.  I had no expectations going into the theater, which made it all the better.  [If anything, I thought it might stink because it stars the voice of Nicholas Cage and he has a tendency to attach himself to crap projects.] Given this very recent positive experience, I actually felt it impossible for another prehistoric vehicle to impress me that much.  Well, I was wrong.  This book was wonderful.  Go hunt for a copy right now and store it in your cave, because it has the kind of staying power that will last you until the next Ice Age

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