The Easter Bunny's Assistant

Color me impressed! 

*Love the characters, love the vibrant illustrations (complete with the full Easter palette), and love the stinky skunk humor component  
*How can you go wrong with a story that acts as a built-in instruction manual for a fun family activity
*Many kids in 2013 might not get the clothespin reference, but parents sure will giggle

*Would have expected the Easter Bunny to be wearing something that makes him identifiable from the rest of his bunny brethren 
*Wish there was another way to get the skunk out of the room that didn't involve pushing 
*It's a coin flip, but I would argue that hiding the eggs should be a numbered step in the process

I see no reason to walk on eggshells before revealing my rating.  When you're Buying your yolks and dye kit supplies this weekend, grab a copy of TEBA as well.  J
an Thomas has crafted a product almost as essential to the holiday as the Cadbury egg.  You and your peeps will enjoy it for years to come...      

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