The Pirate Cruncher

Ahoy mateys, have I got a treasure for you! 

*A wonderful combination of rhyming and illustration that is guaranteed to put some wind in your sails  
*Cool how the "Midas Touch" rowboat has its name changed to "ouch" when the monster took a bite out of it
*Absolutely love how Jonny Duddle included a reference to the pirates' warts (sure they could conceivably be on their hands, but I'm guessing that the reference was thrown in for parents to ponder what unfortunate lass was spreading VD)

*The font choice was a total shipwreck, especially on the first few pages (where it is set on a deep blue nighttime scene) -- very hard to make out the words even for someone with 20-20 vision and a spyglass 
*I still am not quite sure what was the fiddler's endgame was -- perhaps his brain had previously been sunbaked on another voyage 
*How did that monster manage to balance all of those props on the bridge of its nose in the middle of the ocean

Shiver me timbers!  This is a legendary pirate tale worthy of praise across every corner of the high seas.  What's unfortunate is that it would have earned a Best of the Best rating from me if not for the very real problem posed by the contrast of the thin black text against the darker backgrounds.  In a sense it's fitting though, since even history's greatest buccaneers had a fatal flaw.  In conclusion, 
gather yer crew to raise the skull and crossbones with this timeless adventure.      

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