One Of A Kind

When I'm in Vegas, this is usually the best hand I can muster at the poker table... 

*My son and I have been calling each other Fuzzawuzz all weekend; probably because it's such a fun word to say   
*In a society dominated by the "I want it now" sentiment, I am a sucker for storylines that preach the idea of things coming with time
*I'm not all that superstitious, but I'll always err on the side of caution when dealing with witchcraft, even if it's of the soup kind

*The illustrations transported us to another dimension, one heretofore breached by but a few hardcore LSD lovers 
*In fact, I think that technicolor trip takes away from what is actually a lovely story 
*On the page where Red is looking through windows, his face has a distinctly simian (as opposed to feline) feel to it that really creeped me out


That titular phrase can often be construed in one of two ways: either describing something remarkable or something that is a little bit off.  In this case, both meanings apply to One of a Kind.  At its core, there is a beautiful tale of a lost soul finding a mate when it appears that all hope has disappeared.  On the other paw, it is tough fully embrace the message when images like the one below are staring back at you.  All in all, I liked the book, so I feel safe awarding it a Borrow.  I'm hoping that rating is sufficiently strong enough to ward off any spells one could cast involving the evil monkey Fuzzawuzz showing up at the foot of my bed tonight! 

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