A Day With Wilbur Robinson

Danger Will Robinson! 

*You've got to give William Joyce credit for his wild imagination   
*While his drawings weren't exactly my cup of tea, I'd be lying if I told you they weren't good
*Dropping in the Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong appearances was a classy (and educational) touch

*A perfect example of how slapping a whole bunch of zaniness across each page won't hide what is, at its core, a boring book 
*I thought the kid on the first page was going to be Wilbur -- that got things off on the wrong foot 
*Look, I've tried it 500 times now and I can confidently say that a set of false teeth won't fit into a frog's mouth


When I saw that this story was the inspiration for the movie Meet The Robinsons, I had high hopes that my streak of positive reviews was going to continue.  When I looked at his Wikipedia page and saw all of the super successful movies he's been involved with, I was sure of it.  Boy, was I off-base.  You might as well call it A Day With Your Great-Grandparents because both are equally as drab.  I know, this is hard to grasp, given all the stuff going on in the wacky world of Wilbur, but it's undeniable.  If that's not proof enough, how about you try this one of for size?  Newsweek went out on the frailest of limbs to call Joyce "one of the top 100 people to watch in the new millennium."  If you believe their prediction came true, then you should probably Buy this and anything else he has written.  Otherwise, I think you'll be okay seeing his movies and skipping this book for the next 985 years or so... 

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