Dancing Fruit Put On A Show!

After reading this, you won't need another serving from one particular food group for at least a week. 

*Author Ruth Wilkes (with an assist from illustrator James Cross) jams an orchard full of info in here: from gardening facts, to jokes, to recipes, and more   
*I almost always enjoy a book with a positive message related to kids trying something they're feeling timid about
*A banana splitting his pants - never not funny

*Pro #1 is also con #1 - the whole effort can be a tad overwhelming if you're dealing with a child who expects you to read cover to cover 
*Further evidence of the point above: my son asked why the book had two pages on critters (snails and butterflies) -- sure, these things can be found in fruit-growing areas, but that doesn't mean they have to be included here 
*I found it slightly curious that the tractor page was not given any sort of accompanying text when everything else was


Who wouldn't want to tango with a mango?  Foxtrot with a kumquat?  Jig with a fig?  [Surprised at least one of these didn't make the final cut, but, then again, I am super corny.]  Dancing and produce are not an obvious match, but they go together like peanut butter and bananas.  So, Wilkes was assured of something resembling a bumper crop from the jump.  Upon closer examination, I found a few too many bruises on this fruit to put it in my Buy basket.  Overall, it's still a delicious treat that is worth tasting (and, you know what, if you don't like certain spots, you don't have to consume them). 

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