Where's Walrus?

If you're looking for that guy with glasses and a striped sweater, he's currently indisposed. 

*Was expecting something totally different and more difficult, but soon found that there's something equally as fun about "finding" objects in plain sight   
*I don't know what it is about walruses, but they always seem to be crowd pleasers
*Really cute idea for the painting scene in (what appears to be) Central Park

*What it gains in kitsch factor is diminished slightly by those expectations I had dashed by its ease 
*I'm shocked that all five judges gave our walrus friend a perfect score despite his 45 degree entrance into the pool 
*Another in a long line of books that go with the "nobody is coming to the zoo until X happens" theme


Even a big bull like me was softened by Stephen Savage's simple wordless tale.  There's no denying its mass appeal with younger kids -- but it has enough visual humor to make an old sea cow laugh as well.  I don't think it's worth shelling over a few clams for, but it definitely has sharp enough tusks to make an impression in your home for quite a while. 

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Jeane said...

I'm chuckling because my toddler for some reason I've never been able to ascertain, loves walruses. We have/borrowed a few books that feature polar animals or just happen to have a walrus on one page, and she always refers to them as the "walrie book." I think she'd enjoy this one.

mysteryguy said...

I think she would too! Walrie's are the best!!