Amazing ABC

Did you know that Lego is based in Billund, Denmark?  Ironic, since you can't spell Billund without build... 

*There's a reason Lego has been so successful for so long with this age group... so why not extend its magic to another educational sector  
*The images of Sean Kenney's creations are a million times more fun to marvel at than your typical ABC book
*The cake and the piano are just awesome

*It might be a little unfair, but I have a problem with author/builder re-using his models across the Lego board book line (as evidenced by the back cover) 
*I'm surprised at how imperfect the US map is (especially in the normally rectangular Four Corners region) given that it's a 2-D design 
*I say "go fly a kite" to the page dedicated to the letter K and also question the type of Legos used to make the yoyo

earning the alphabet is one of the primary building blocks of toddler education.  After reading this book to my son and daughter, I am more than happy to recommend it to parents looking for a quality ABC title that maybe has flown under the radar.  My only non-trivial gripe with it that is non-mentioned above would be that I would have liked to have seen Kenney use Duplos, since they are designed for children who would be reading this.  That said, I know there's no way the pictures could be even half as intricate if this was the case.  Just some constructive criticism for the future:)    

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the dream said...

I like the work their doing at Imaginari. Check out their kickstarted campaign.

Its seems like a whole new world of books for kids.

Anonymous said...

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