The Loopy Coop Hens

These birds are makin' me angry! 

*If you go to Janet Morgan Stoeke's website, you'll see it has a whole page dedicated to her illustration -- makes sense since this is her strong suit   
*On those days where you just want to hand a book to your kid instead of reading, this one wouldn't be a bad choice
*Stoeke is from the DC area, so she obviously has made some good choices in her life

*Wait, let me get this straight: the hens catch the rooster in a lie and, instead of him getting his comeuppance (or at the very least learning something), the ladies fawn all over his physical characteristics 
*Tries to break the story into chapters/sections, but it's just weird (mainly because the focus of section two is all over section one) 
*Have no idea why the hens say "ow" on a page where none of them are moving, let alone getting injured


Only a birdbrain would consider this to be an egg worth cracking.  Okay, so that might be a little harsh; but, it is closer to something you'd line a pen with than something that would win the 4-H Chicken Showmanship Award.  If you're cooped up inside for a day, maybe you could get by with it.  But as a long-term option, it isn't worth a handful of feed. 

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