Hot, Hot Roti For Dada-ji

C'mon now, give it a chance... 

*Surprisingly few children's books come off the way you would recount a fascinating personal tale to your child, but this one nails it  
*A perfect recipe composed of the following ingredients: culture, characters, mysticism, rarely seen topics, cool illustrations (by first-timer Ken Min), and pro #1
*If eating good roti can give me tiger powers, I've been doing it all wrong for the last three to four decades

*I'm afraid that title will scare a large percentage of American parents away from what is an amazing work 
*Author F. Zia's decision to have the kid make the bread himself took nothing away from the story, but part of me wanted him to watch his grandmother do it instead 
*Slight chance my son might try to wrestle with poisonous snakes next time we decide to order Indian food

Simply scrumptious!  It honestly would be a Best of the Best Buy if there was some way I could see myself reading it multiple times each week to my two babas.  Unfortunately, it's a tad too complex and specific for that.  Otherwise, it is a flawless effort.  Get it while it's hot, hot!

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F. Zia said...

Enjoyed your comments. Thank You!
Farhana Zia