Doggy Slippers

Total dogshit.                     

*Pets are adorable and worthy of our love 
*Has a shocking ending if, like me, you didn't read the inside jacket before getting to the main material (albeit, the ending is only shocking because it asks an unanswered question that you assume might yield the resolution that ties everything together)
*There's a chance that the Spanish version (both collaborators are from Latin America) has more merit     

*So Jorge Lujan hardbound a collection of children's "poetry" and wants $19 for it -- I wouldn't even buy a book of my own kids' poetry for that amount  
*In case the cover image below doesn't bellow it across your neighborhood, let me just say how depressing the pictures by Isol are (again, I must reiterate how infrequently I bash illustrators)
*As you might expect from a very loosely affiliated collection of ideas, there is no story to speak of

In the last two weeks, there have been two reports of rabid raccoon sightings within a few blocks of my house. If I had to compare a potential member of the animal kingdom to this poetry piece, I kind of think either of those varmints would qualify.  Why?  Well first, I would never allow one into my home.  So there's that.  Secondly, just like the unseen disease the raccoons are hosting, Doggy Slippers chooses to hide the fact that it is not even the accredited author's own work by using unnecessarily tiny print inside the book.  Finally, there's a chance you might die from handling it.  [Okay, I made that part up.]  All in all, you're better off just staying the heck away.                    

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