The Boy And The Airplane

Not cleared for takeoff. 

*Mark Pett's illustrations are as classically timeless as the F-15 Eagle   
*The cyclical hook to the book makes for an unexpectedly interesting destination
*No surprise that Simon and Schuster outfitted this model with some of the best paper and ink around

*Too much turbulence in the boy's decision-making for my taste 
*Does the old man throw the plane after all those years or does he cancel the flight -- I still don't know the answer or why he would consider the latter 
*Kid climbing a tall ladder... yeah, no thanks, I prefer stories that don't encourage my son to discover new styles of crash landings


This one's more runaway than runway for me.  I'm not as forgiving with wordless books as some reviewers, so maybe that's what's happening here.  Or maybe I'm right in thinking that Captain Pett filed an incomplete flight plan.  Either way, I have no problem with you booking a single trip on this carrier, but suggest you earn your kidlit miles somewhere else... 

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