You don't have to take this kind of abuse lying down.                     

*The illustrations were average at best, but the contrast of foreground and background colors was about as well done as a perfectly cooked steak 
*The other animals are good enough to play with the jerky one after he realizes the err of his ways and apologizes
*The bully is a bull -- an elementary leap, to be sure, but slightly funny, I guess     

*Screams "easy (and lazy) way to make a fast buck off of a controversial contemporary topic affecting children"  
*For such a simple, text-light book, even I had a hard time understanding what happened to the bull once he saw what a cow he was being (I eventually got it)
*Plainly ignores the potential repercussions involved with challenging a much bigger bully

Author Laura Vaccaro Seeger probably hates my site even more than I dislike her kidlit, given today's review and the one I did earlier in the year. But someone needs to stand up to her.  At this point, it's clear she has shaken down a few towns worth of parents for their kids' lunch money.  If I don't stop it, who will?                    

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