I Loathe You

David Slonim turns in a frighteningly great effort! 

*Simply a wonderful idea to employ a strategy wherein scary creatures equate all things awful and disgusting with positive experiences  
*My favorite page involves the grotesque ways the cat and dog demonstrate the dad's loathe
*Everything is big: from the dimensions to the characters to the words -- I wish more books would do this

*It wasn't my favorite style of illustration; nonetheless, there was plenty of detail and it meshed perfectly with the topic at hand 
*You might have to have a conversation with your kids that re-emphasizes the need for them to continue taking baths and leaving the poor goldfish in the bowl, among other things 
*When you strip away the bizarro world Slonim has concocted, it is another in a long line of "how much I love you" stories

How do I loathe thee?  Let me count the ways.  Ummmm....zero!  And since I'm not a hideous beast, this means we have a real Buy on our hands. While it's not going to provide much in the way of learning or uniqueness, it is still the kind of monster you and your child will want to let live in your (book) closet.  Sometimes, in the words of a famous British rock band, "All you need is loathe!"

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