In My Flower

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... 

*You can put your knuckle in a butterfly's butt and wiggle it round a little   
*Manages to sum up the life of said winged creature in five short phrases
*If you open it up to the last page to allow yourself full range of motion, you can entertain a child under one year old for a little while

*There isn't a single page where it actually looks like the insect is in a flower, contrary to what Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich would say 
*I get why you would need to make a butterfly-shaped cutout to fit the attached finger puppet -- what I don't get it is why they allowed a vomitorium of patterns to dance around the edges 
*Just want to re-emphasize how the title was a poor choice, since the butterfly has left the flower by page two


Please do not allow this wretched bug to further spread its pollen across the minds of America's youth.  It holds roughly the same value to you as a fleeting encounter with a common moth.  In other words, it sucks.  Buzz off butterfly, buzz off. 

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