Noodle Loves The Park

Oh, no more Noodles for me, thank you.  Do you have anything else? 

*Candlewick Press (under their Nosy Crow imprint) did everything possible to make this board book look & feel like it was worth the $9 price tag   
*The touchable components are all made from high-quality and fairly well-thought out materials (I especially enjoyed the fabrics used to represent bird feathers)
*You can almost never go wrong when including a mirror in a product aimed at the world's youngest kids

*My biggest problem with Noodle is that it doesn't have much of a point (because it doesn't teach your child subjects like the alphabet, numbers, etc) and isn't funny either -- in other words, there is nothing memorable or productive about it 
*The rhyming is not bad, but does manage to lose the momentum it had generated in the first four pages by being too wordy on the last two 
*Why wouldn't they just make the pears glisten if the rest of the fruit on the page (apples and cherries) is given the shiny treatment


Take a look at the cover image below.  Do you see how Noodle is offering that duck some unidentifiably generic food by hand?  Now imagine you are that very same duck and that Noodle is really an author/illustrator named Marion Billet.  I could sit here the rest of the day and try to draw you a picture that best describes how I felt about this book... but it appears Billet has already done it for me.  Unless your diet is lacking in spoonfed happiness, there's no reason to keep NLTP in your cupboard.  

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